The Future Runs on System z - from IBM

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Corporate auditors, admins utilize it on the train and on the plane
RA2FM nickipicky V02

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It works even on iPAD® , OSX® , Windows® - it is the most versatile RACF© solution on these platforms.

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If you are a STIG user - then RA2FM is a MUST.

RA2FM are you kidding

RA/2™ - still today - "the TOOL which has the most number of tools".

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“Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife” © Wenger (it really exists)

“In many cases, organizations and their company officers found to be non-compliant may be subject to fines or legal action, in addition to facing exposure to risks associated with internal data breaches. “

This alone already justifies to have the RRE - RACF Rules Enforcer installed claimed one of our customers to avoid any legal actions.