DEB$JLOZ - Trap generated job output - z/OS only.

To trap all output JES messages, SYSIN or SYSOUT data of a JOB. This tool works under z/OS only as of 1.10. It dynamically allocates each output file (JES) and writes it to a print or any other sequential file. It utilizes the SSI 80 request to obtain the necessary file information concerning any output files (JES, SYSIN, SYSOUT) to be printed/archived.

This may be beneficial for users who have no output management system or simply wanna keep their own generated SYSOUT files in other flat files i.e. as GDG files.
The program DEB$JLOZ normally will be the last job step. Another advantage would be that you could stuff the output of DEB$JLOG into a PDF document and mail it. Such programs are freely available under More details about options(PARM=) can be found in the SAMPLIB.

The basic idea behind this program was to keep e.g. the output of the last 255 RACF batch related jobs for reference purposes. To save space a user could utilize the IBM terse program called TRSMAIN. Space savings are around >80%.

Sample: all generated out of all previous steps will be collected and printed to //JOBPRINT.

// PARM='
//JOBPRINT     DD       SYSOUT=*