The new z/OS RACF Report Writer

RA/7 is a full replacement of the IBM RACFRW. The IBM RACFRW supports only RACF Event Codes 01 to 27. OpenEdition and other new RACF events will not be reported in any future releases of RACF. Therefore IBM now provides a new SMF off-load tool called IRRADU00 which works as an exit to the IFASMFDP program. The IRRADU00 from IBM allows a user to off-load RACF SMF related data (record type 30,80,81 and 83) into a flat file. In a second step users can load these records into DB2 if desired. IBM provided in their SYS1.SAMPLIB the necessary DB2 table definitions. Most installations however cannot afford to use IRRADU00 and DB2 to view and print the required RACF information. In addition it makes very little sense to have additional databases just to report on data you will erase once used as they become very quickly obsolete.

RA/7 helps you to avoid such unnecessary tasks e.g. loading DB2 or FOCUS etc.

  • RACFRW is obsolete.
  • RACFRW does not support OpenEdition.
  • RACFRW does not support active SMF files e.g. SYS1.MAN1,2,3...
  • RACFRW works only under the TSO terminal program.
  • RACFRW's command syntax is not very user friendly.
  • RACFRW reports need a lot of guess work e.g. the user has to browse through many pages to understand Event Codes and qualifiers e.g.

RACFRW reports are difficult to read as no table style report is available. The content of a RACF Event is written as an endless string.

  • Supports OpenEdition.
  • Does not need the TSO terminal monitor program to produce reports.
  • Does not need any other 3rd party product e.g. FOCUS run-time.
  • Supports active SMF files e.g. SYS1.MAN1,2,3...
  • Supports off-loaded SMF files e.g. archived on tape or disk.
  • Supports off-loaded IRRADU00 flat files.
  • Saves disk space and greatly reduces any costly I/O overhead.
  • Delivers reports much quicker as no DB2/FOCUS/PC loading is required.
  • Creates one report (detailed or short) for each RACF EVENT CODE.
  • Supports the creation of multiple (EVENT code) reports in a single pass
  • Search for any data string e.g. using ANY data-string control card.
  • Recreate all RACF commands issued by any user. Command skeletons are available in our SKELETON LIBRARY.
  • Allows a user to re-create any type of command. All IRRADU00 field names are automatically defined to ISPF.
  • Version 3.5.3 supporting SMF log-streams in batch and under ISPF