RA/8 - The RACF Auto Link - Manage RACF Connect Profiles
RA/8 automates the labor intensive process to manage RACF connect profiles. RA/8 manages the RACF profile relationships between user(s) and functional groups by using standard RACF resources. All information required by RA/8 is stored in the RACF database to ensure full data integrity.

RA/8 automates and speeds up the handling of RACF connect profiles and RACF functional groups.

RA/8 allows an installation with functional RACF grouping concept implemented to easily manage such groups and its connected RACF users.

  • Automatically connects and/or removes RACF user - ID's.

  • Uses independent RACF resources to guarantee data integrity.

  • Uses standard RACF commands to manage connect profiles.

All activities performed via RA/8 RAL (RACF Auto-Link) are recorded in RACF in SMF and can be listed using RA/7 or the IBM RACFRW.

• Does not need any exits or sub-systems thus avoids any synchronization problems.
• Does not need any shadow database(s).
• Does not need any third party products (e.g. FOCUS, Oracle, etc.)
• Does not require any RACF database off-loads.
• Performs all activities on the live RACF database using standard IBM macros and interfaces.

A major time consuming task is to identify and to assign (connect) the access authority to all the resources for a user to have access (e.g. when you have hired a new employee or an employee changes job activities (functions) within the organization). RA/8 will alleviate this time consuming task significantly.