The very first and only ALL-IN-ONE-RACF system utility - That's jaw-dropping.

RA2FM product announcement v07

Financial & Productivity Benefits

RA2FM is a comprehensive analysis & reporting tool that will increase the productivity and enhance the effectiveness of mainframe professionals in many varied disciplines and areas of responsibility such as e.g. :

  • Auditors
  • Security Officers (to perform RACF command generation)
  • System Programmers
  • Disaster Recovery Specialists
  • Operations Analysts
  • Storage Administrators

RA2FM provides assistance with the following tasks:

  • Dataset Security Analysis

  • Problem Determination

  • RACF Reporting etc.

Think? - 3270 etc.

To perform real audits using 3270 type screens or standard batch reporting is very time consuming, costly and a most frustrating task.
The limitations are well known to all users e.g. drill up and down; left and right; jump from profile to any profile type; no useful multi windows etc.
Still working the old fashioned way for the last >30 years? It simply limits the quality and achievement of an audit.

Pasted Graphic

Eye-opening - amazing - stunning! - RA2FM on MS Windows or Apple OS X or APPLE iOS ...
Unlike all other tools dealing with RACF from IBM are still locked into cumbersome profile viewing/reporting.

RA2FM goes way beyond that as it includes the real world as well e.g. related Datasets names of various sources (catalogs, HSM/SMS, RMM etc.) to obtain a real picture.

RA2FM is NOT something that limits the quality of an audit unlike 3270/paper reporting.

RA2FM is jaw-dropping!